2013          University of Colorado, Boulder, Science Teaching Fellow
2013          American Museum of Natural History / City College of New York, Education Fellow
2012          University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
2008          University of Michigan , MS Conservation Biology
2006          University of Michigan, BA Biological Anthropology

Selected Presentations and Publications:

“Predator Presence Suppresses Immune Function in A Larval Amphibian,” Seiter, S.A. Evolutionary Ecology Research. (3) 2011PDF

“Phenotypic Selection on Developmental Trajectories in Manduca Sexta.” Kingsolver, J.G., Diamond, S.E., Seiter, S.A., and Higgins, J.K.  Functional Ecology. (26) 2012. PDF

“Environmental determinants of population divergence in life history traits for an invasive species: climate, seasonality and natural enemies,” Seiter, S.A. and Kingsolver, J.G.  The Journal of Evolutionary Biology.  (26) 2013. PDF

“Parallel Invasions Produce Heterogenous Patterns of Life History Adaptation: Rapid Divergence in an Invasive Insect”. Seiter, S.A. Kingsolver, J.G., Ohsaki, N.A. The Journal of Evolutionary Biology. PDF

“The Great Smoky Mountains All Taxa Biological Inventory: Lessons for Sampling Design, Management, and Citizen Science”, Poster, Ecological Society of American Conference, Albuquerque, NM. 2009

Co-Instructor , Outreach and Citizen Science for Researchers (BIO 659)
Teaching assistant, Environment and Society (ENST 212)
Graduate Research Consultant, Evolution and Life (BIO 208)
Teaching Assistant, Conservation Biology (BIO 314)

Awards and Fellowships:
2011          NESCent Evolution Blog Contest
2011          NSF East Asia and the Pacific Institute Fellowship (Japan)
2010          National Evolutionary Synthesis Center Graduate Fellowship, NESCent
2008          North Carolina Science and Technology Fellow, UNC Chapel Hill
2008          Karl Kidder Award, University of Michigan
2007          Rackham Graduate Research Award, University of Michigan
2007          School of Natural Resources Opus Grant, University of Michigan
2006          School of Natural Resources Incoming Student Fellowship, University of Michigan

Working Groups and Professional Service:
Costs of Plasticity and Adaptation to Novel Environments Working Group, Member: Writing a review on costs of plasticity and limits to adaptation in novel environments

Curriculum in Ecology Seminar Committee, member: Organize invited speaker series on current research in ecology an evolution.

Steward for Michigan Graduate Employees Union (Local 3550 American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO): Represented Natural Resources Department in Negotiations for 2008 employment contract